1 Oct 2010


This commercial is like only one minute long but in that one minute, it grips you like a horror film does.

Break The Habit - Spec TVC from The Precinct on Vimeo.

25 Jun 2010

5 Best Places in Melbourne for Drinks after the Races

Sore feet, thirsty, flirty and dying to sit down before you get up to have some fun?

Here are the top 5 places to have a drink after the races in Melbourne -

14 Jun 2010

Welcome to The Racing Secrets - send us your photos

As we have just launched we would love to see you racing photos to for further posts. All photos will be used in a positive way. Please send in your photos to The Racing Secrets

Top online shops to buy your dresses

Don't know where to start to get inspiration for your Spring Racing Carnival dress? Perhaps begin with some of these websites...

An amazing collection of excellent designers and tastefully selected clothes

A fantastic collection of links to online dresses

Gorgeous dresses that often suit the races, very classy and hard to fault.

        Where do you like to do your Spring Racing Carnival shopping?

        Top 5 Races Dresses to start inspiring you for this year

        Something to kick the blog off - 5 classy dresses to get you excited and thinking about the up and coming spring racing carnival 2010. Photo courtesy of News Limited.